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FAQs of Website for Businesses

1. I want a website but don’t know how to proceed.

To get a website, you first have to get a unique name for it, this name can be your business or organization name & is known as domain name. You have to first check if your desired domain is available at

Next you need storage on computer where you can store your website. This place is known as hosting space. Generally small sites require very less hosting while larger sites require special hosting packages.

Once your hosting is done, you need to launch a website. A website is a corporate identity for your business. So you need to plan your online presence. There are certain questions which should be in your mind.

Why you need a website?

Who are proposed audience?

What theme you want to portray?

2. What sort of site do I require for my business?

That’s a very good question. It is to answer this sort of questions that we are here. Businesses can need variety of solutions ranging from product listing, online selling, online recruitment to complete ERP solutions. We can identify your needs, develop a strategy and setup a website that helps you achieve your goals. Contact us and we will provide you with solution to your problems.

Some common types of site that your business might require are:

Product Listing

If you want to market your products & services online, you ll require an online product catalog. This will help your customers reach your products/services easily and contact you for enquiry.

Online Payment

If you want more, even online payment can be handled through website. Once customer views your product, he can select the required item and places it in an online shopping basked. Next, he can pay online using merchant account or third party payment systems. In this way, you can earn using internet.

Groupware Software (using corporate intranet)

Business teams working together in close collaboration. There is often need to continuously interaction for successful implementation of projects. This need requires a solution that enables the team members to manage their tasks, share their work & remain in close contact. A groupware software has features like task management, file sharing & forums that allows teams to work closely & with improved efficiency.

Corporate intranet can contain other features like notice boards, event lists, employee surveys & polling, forums etc.

3. What is corporate intranet? How do I make it?

A corporate intranet is a group of computers linked together within an organization. It is formed to fulfill the information needs within an organization. Information is the key to success. An intranet allows the instant transfer/sharing of information within an organization. This doesn’t span any boundaries. Global organizations having their location in Asia can share information with office located in Europe. This helps employees perform fast, fast reporting & timely decision making by management.

If you want to develop your corporate intranet, contact us for more details. We will provide you with the required solution.


Now once you know you want a website done, you have listed down a number of web consulting firms.  Next step is to design a RFQ.  This is important step since this will allow the consulting company to correctly perceive your requirements and help in sending you an appropriate quotation.  There are some business owners who just send a website and ask for a clone.  If the website is of basic nature, idea is right.  Web consultant knows what type of thing you are looking for.  However, its not the end of it.  Still you have got to tell the specifics since the website represents you own business.


The first part of the RFQ should include a brief summary about the project.  This will include the following:

Background of the company:
Provide details about the business & what it does.

Objectives of website:

Why you want the business website?  What are the aims & objectives of getting the website done.  This could range from a corporate identity building to more complex e-business model.  It is very important to discuss in detail the need for website.

Who are the audience of the website?

Project Scope
Project scope should be clearly stated out in terms of the outcome expected and the requirements.


Identify your requirements in detail.  These requirements should include:

Functional requirements
This includes the features your website should offer, for example user registration, product listing etc.  Different techniques like Use Case Design can be used for this purpose.

Usage Requirements
This will include:

  • Navigational requirements, eg. easy to naviagate, use of menus, buttons etc
  • Website speed: Ease of load

Design/Interface Requirements

  • Preferred Color combinations
  • Preferred layouts
  • Theme to follow

Technical Requirements

  • Browser Support
  • Platform to support
  • Approximate number of users Daily/weekly

Budget Considerations
State clearly the approximate budget you are willing to allocate for the project.  This will help the consultant estimate the limit of project and will suggest you the most appropriate solution

Time Requirements
If there are any limits related to time, state them clearly that you want the project to be completed within a certain time line.


  • How much support is sought after the deployment of project
  • Details regarding the documentation & training
  • Issues related to software licensing (if apply)
  • Source code ownership and usage issues

What is Required from Consulting Firms for Prequalification?

State clearly what is expected from the consultant firm in the quotation.  This could include the following:

  • Consulting firm’s corporate profile
  • Previous Portfolio/References to the completed projects
  • Quoted amount with cost breakdown
  • Project Methodology
  • Project Calendar
  • Tools/Technologies Deployed

Posted by: Khan | December 25, 2008

Does your business require a website ?

Well!!! this question should sound more like “Do my office require address” or “do i require a phone line at my office”.  The way we live on our real world, the cyber world has also evolved in the past decade or so.   So if you require an office, telephone and contact details to find you out in real business world, similarly you require your website, your email and in more simpler words, a web presence for your business in cyber business world.

Once you have a web presence on internet, its just the beginning.  You can think of the internet world in the same way as the real world.  Like  business in real world require proper business plan through operations, marketing departments to work, same applies to the internet world.  You require a well structured online business plan.  This applies to very simple website to complex business applications.  Even if you are starting a simple website, still you need to have a plan.   Plan about what?

Few points regarding plan will include:

  • Who are the intended audience
  • Plan about the story board of your website
  • Plan about the structure of the website
  • How to reach the audience

In more technical words, this planning is also referred as Website Strategy.

Who are the intended audience?
You need to decide upon the target audience.  If you are into product based business, your audience might be those interested in buying your items.  You need to compose your website according to your audience priorities.

Story Board of Website
Story board? Are we writing some drama or what?  Not exactly but in a way you have to sketch the story detailing your website contents and its parts.  More details can be found here.

Structure of Website
Normally this activity could be a part of story board.  But since its very important, so discussing it separate is worthy enough.  Structure includes how the pages will be organized, what part will display what, how the navigation will be placed.  This is important part of website and needs enough understanding.

How to Reach the Audience
This question alone has been a complete science of web marketing which has taken over the internet.  Web marketing is a complex area captured by some major search engines, companies specializing in submitting to search engines and agencies specializing in Advertisements and affiliate tracking.

Most of the above mentioned areas are not known to the common businessmen but atleast some basic awareness is necessary.  For each of above, separate web consulting firms are in action who take care of the clients needs but still clients should be well aware of what they want from the consultant.

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