Posted by: Khan | July 8, 2009

Pakistan amongst top 20 Outsourcing destinations

According to A.T. Kearney, Pakistan has entered the band of top 20 outsourcing destinations, as mentioned by Business Week.  This shows the competence level of Pakistani professionals and overall growing IT industry.

Pakistan has got an edge in terms of:

Hi Skilled Manpower:

Pakistan has got a vast pool of skilled and educated manpower.  Besides being good at technical side, they are also good in communication skills.  English speaking accent is very clear and better giving added advantage to its competitors like India.

IT Infrastructure:

IT & telecom is booming across the country.  Very hi internet connection is not an issue anywhere in Pakistan.  Besides this, computer latest hardware is also available at good prices.

Better Ethical Standing:

Pakistani professionals in general are known to stand to their commitments.  Professionalism is high and most companies promote themselves on basis of ehtics.  This is precisely important factor since  emerging issues like Satyam scandal in India.

Pakistan is growing fast on the outsourcing scene, however, some people argue regarding the security conditions of Pakistan.  At this point its worth noting that no part of world is currently safe from this security hazard, even USA had 9/11 incident.  India already had incidents like Mumbai attacks.

Besides this, in terms of disaster recovery, as mentioned by Jehan Ara (President PASHA), Pakistan has proven its capabilities during the Mariott Blast which effected Software Tech. Parks.  Due to effective procedures, and due to zero down time, in most cases, the customers in US didnot even know that their outsourcing partners had gone through such a disaster.

Pakistan is there to play its role as an active and responsible member of global community.




  1. Pakistan has shown a great progress in many Industries in recent years and IT is one of them. Pakistan is providing quality software development services to many countries, due to rapid increase in highly qualified professionals in IT Industry

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