Posted by: Khan | May 24, 2009

How can Businesses utilize Twitter

Social media networking is proving real successful in bringing together on basis of interest groups and activities. This can prove helpful in so many ways for individuals as well as business point of view.

In this era of social media, twitter is known as one of the simplest tools that can help you improve your business. Some interesting ways twitter could help include:

Stay connected with Customers

In older days, websites used to add users for newsletters just to stay connected with customers. Using twitter, you can have the customers informed about your new updates, offers and all about your activities you want to share with your customers.

Attract Targeted Audience

Twitter allows you to attract targeted audience to your business website or content. Searching twitter, often people try to find the persons of their interest. In this way, if you are someone offering business consulting services, people in search of your service might follow you.

Share Business Tips/Ideas with Peers

Twitter is proving as a great knowledge sharing tool amongst interest groups, peers and associates. Now those having business blogs can easily post some new content and tweet it for view by the followers.

Share News/Updates/Content

Sharing content easily is the most effective way twitter helps. Companies can post news updates or info about latest projects, events and happenings. If you are running a website related to classifieds or web directory, you can share the updates like new items in the list.

Effective Marketing

Twitter can act as an effective marketing tool for your business. You can post latest promotions, offers and discounts. If you are running an online store, you can tweet latest offers and promotions.  

Also the list of your followers are your present clients as well as future potential clients.  You can use the list for effectively market your products and offerings.

More informed about Competitors

Besides others benefits, Twitter also lets you stay informed about the competition. You can follow your potential competitors, get the info about latest trends being followed in the market and keep yourself updated.


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