Posted by: Khan | January 4, 2009

What is CMS and how it helps your business?

You might have heard the phrase “CONTENT IS THE KING”.  Keeping this in view, it can be safely said that Content Management System is a King Maker.  As the name implies, Content Management System or CMS as commonly known is a software/system that manages the content of your website.  In simple words, a CMS will allow you to update your website contents easily and smartly.  So if you are a non technical guy knowing not much about the html or about web designing, using CMS will allow you to update your website contents without much of a hassle.

Business owners normally want to update their websites for any of the following purposes:

  • News & Events
  • Latest Products/Services
  • Contacts Updates
  • Clients Showcase
  • Portfolio
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Articles

CMS can work in following ways ranging from simple website to more complex solutions.  Some of them could include:

  • As a product catalog
  • Document Management System/Document Tracking
  • Corporate Intranet
  • Real Estate portals
  • Job Postings
  • E-Commerce Applications

Some of the salient features that all CMS provide:

  • Easy handling of users according to roles, eg admin role, editor role, viewer role etc.
  • Easy update of website content using backend forms.

So now if you own a business and looking to have an online presence, you might be going for an option of Content Management System.  Once you have made a decision, you might be requiring the services of a Web Consulting Firm for assisting you in selecting the appropriate CMS for your business needs.



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