Posted by: Khan | January 2, 2009

How to setup a business blog

A business blog is a modern tool for business owners to market their services and keep their customers and associates up to date with the business day to day news, latest ventures and events to come.  Blog has come a long way in successful marketing for business concerns.  You can stay in touch with your customers by providing them necessary information about your business and related to your products that would help them to further improve the business relationship with you and improving your goodwill.  Besides this, it can act as a knowledge base for your products & services.  Many top businesses and corporates are having their own business blogs on internet.

Blogs will change your business

Blogs will change your business

Here are simple ways of setting up your own business blog:

  • First of all register your blog on any famous blog engine like WordPress or Blogger.
  • Select a theme and do setup.
  • Name the blog according to your business.
  • Designate a team preferrably related to PR or marketing who would update the blog on regular basis.  If required you can hire the services of web consultancy firm to maintain blog periodically.
  • Submit your blog to different blog directories.
  • Link this blog with your company’s corporate website.
  • Create value so that users visit your blog more often.
  • Stay in touch with your visitors by replying to their comments


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